What is WandCam?

What is WandCam?

An app that allows to customize your photo camera with multiple overlays: timestamp, texts, images (your logo!) and patterns such as gradients or frames.

Basic Camera Control

Switch cameras (back/facing), select the resolution, set flash mode (off/on/auto), Autofocus!.

On-screen Guides

Vertical, Horizontal and Circular guides help to take the perfect picture. Also includes a "Force Squared" mode (crops the picture to turn into squared)


Add Timestamp, Texts, Images and Patterns: gradients, frames, vignete, lines, bars, ...

Fully customizable

Colors, Sizes, Fonts, Position, Shadow, Transparency.


Save your settings as Templates and load them later.

Double-Shot option

Allows to save both pictures after shot: the picture with overlays and also the clean picture taken by the camera.

For Android

Compatible with Android 5.0+

Some Samples

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... and have fun!